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Strength Training for Older Women: The Benefits of Strength Training for Older Women

Woman doing yoga pose over a cliff

What is Strength Training?

For many older adults, strength training is an alien concept. The idea that you can actively train your muscles to become bigger and stronger is a foreign one to most people over the age of 45.

However, as we get older, muscle mass naturally declines and we are at risk of losing even more muscle through inactivity and as a result of the natural aging process. For this reason, strength training for older women becomes essential to help slow down the accelerated loss of muscle.

Through regular strength training — ideally with weights or resistance bands — you can build and maintain a healthier body at any age. Strength training triggers your body to start producing proteins which in turn gives your muscles the ability to grow from increased demand on them during exercise.

Strength training is the process of building muscle strength and endurance with exercises designed to progressively increase your muscle strength over time. The goal of strength training is to build lean muscle mass and increase your overall strength and fitness levels.

Strength training can be done using your own bodyweight, with resistance bands, or with free weights. Resistance bands are a great tool for people just starting out with strength training — or for those who have limited mobility and cannot do other forms of training.

The Importance of Strong Muscles

Woman doing a yoga pose
Yoga is great for older women to increase strength

As we get older, our bodies naturally experience a decline in muscle mass and strength. This happens due to a number of factors including:

- A decrease in physical activity

It is well known that as we age we naturally become less active. This means our muscles don’t have the same level of regular activity that is needed to keep them strong.

- Hormonal changes

As we age, our hormone levels change. This can lead to an overall decrease in muscle mass and strength

- An increase in body fat

As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down which means we are less able to burn off fat and excess calories. This can cause additional weight gain which puts more strain on our muscles.

- A decrease in muscle elasticity

As we age, our muscles naturally get stiffer and less elastic. This means they are less able to respond to activity and exercise.

These factors lead to an accelerated loss of muscle mass and strength. It is important to keep a close eye on your muscle health as you age to prevent falls and injuries. Stronger muscles can help you stay fit and independent as you get older.

Benefits of Strength Training for Older Women

There are a number of benefits to strength training for older women. Strength training is a great way to increase your muscle mass and improve your overall health.

Strong Muscles

As we age, our muscles naturally get weaker. Strength training helps to strengthen your muscles and keep them toned. This can help prevent falls and injuries as you get older.

Better Balance

Better Mood

Better Sleep

Younger Appearance

Reduced Risk of Disease

How to Start Strengthening Your Muscles

There are lots of different ways you can start strength training. Here are a few simple tips on how to start strengthening your muscles.

  1. Set Realistic Goals: When you start strength training it is important to set realistic goals for yourself. This will help you to stay motivated to reach your goals.

  2. Start Small: There is no need to start with the most challenging exercise straight away. Start small and work your way up.

  3. Follow an Appropriate Plan: You can find lots of different plans online that you can use to start strength training.

  4. Schedule it In: You will find it easier to stay motivated if you schedule your strength training in. Try and make it a part of your regular routine.

  5. Stay Consistent: Your muscles need time to grow stronger so don’t expect to see results overnight. Stay consistent and persistent and you should see results soon enough.

Getting older, wiser, and stronger

As we get older, our muscles naturally begin to weaken and atrophy. This is why strength training becomes essential for older adults. By training your muscles with strength exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups, you can reverse this process and help to prevent injury. To maximize the benefits of strength training, be sure to include it as part of an overall fitness routine that includes cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet.



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